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Crevasse Rescue

Self Rescue and Companion Rescue Crevasse Rescue

An intensive one day Crevasse Rescue course designed to keep you safe in Glacial Terrain. Riding on
glacial terrain can be some of the most fun days out you will ever have. But the dangers of crevasse falls
should never be under-estimated.

This one day Crevasse Rescue course will teach you how to:

- Avoid Crevasses in the first place
- Build strong anchors
- Rescue someone in a crevasse
- Self rescue

Depending on conditions we may or may not use glacial terrain for the training.

Kit to bring:

standard off-piste riding gear (including avalanche safety kit)
30m 9mm ski rope.
5 x screwgate karabiners.
2 x prussik loops.
2 x slings (1.2m when laid flat)
Mechanical traction devices (if you have them) such as Wildcountry Ropeman, Petzl mini traxion or micro

If you don't have any of the above equipment, e mail us in advance and we will provide spares.


Professional Instruction throughout the day on a max ratio of 1:4
Free use of top quality avalanche safety equipment
Free use of harness, rescue kit and ropes

NB If you want to borrow equipment, please annotate this on your booking form under "remarks".

Not Included:

Lift Tickets

Be warned - Crevasse Rescue is seriously physically demanding. Expect to work very hard on this course,
and go home sweaty !

Places Available Price per Person No. of Places Required

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Glen Plake from Chamonix

For anybody who is skiing in Chamonix, Crevasse Rescue skills need to be part of your game.
If you are looking for a refresh of skills or have no idea what you are doing, this course is a Must!
Stuart puts together a fun filled informative day! Enjoy your day in the mountains,
Glen Plake

February 2020
Thanks Miles!
Reviewed by Mark from Geneva

A great course and highly recommended for all skiers who venture onto glaciers. Miles, our guide, gave us an essential and very simple set of practical and life saving skills. A freezing cold day with poor visibility - time extremely well spent hanging from a rope in a crevasse! Thanks Miles!!

March 2016
Essential safety & rescue knowledge
Reviewed by Cath Noble from Geneva

As a non-climber, it was extremely useful to learn proper rope technique and understand traction-and-pulley-systems in the context of a rescue.

You start with the basic concepts of a rescue (both a self-rescue and rescuing someone who's in a hole) using basic simple equipment, moving on to look at different gadgets and techniques available to help.

The hands-on practice all the way through was invaluable in getting these skills thoroughly ingrained. Highly recommended.

April 2014
Crevasse Rescue
Reviewed by Ali Erginsoy from Chamonix

No amount of reading up in textbooks or practicing on banisters will make up for a day getting your hands dirty (well, actually, icy). This course is extremely well structured, starting with the theory and moving in progressively harder practical stages to as close to the real thing as is safe or practical. Stuart is a natural communicator, who imparts his considerable knowledge and experience effectively and with humour. Highly recommended.

February 2014
Crevasse Rescue Course
Reviewed by Mike Booth from Chamonix France

Excellent course, very professionally run. I was a novice on rope technique for both self rescue and also rescuing victims. The course takes you through traditional rope methods to using the latest gadgets to aid rescue.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough for anyone venturing on glacial terrain.

December 2013

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