Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Equipment Should I Bring ?

A. You will need standard ski/boarding kit, plus a small (20-30L) rucksack. If you have your own safety gear you should bring it but our Guides will bring extra if you want to borrow any for the day. Make sure you have enough warm clothing, plus spare gloves (they will get wet if you are digging).

Q. How good a skier do I need to be ?

A. You need to be a reasonable off-piste skier/boarder. You will not be expected to ski/ride steeps, but you will almost certainly do bumps and variable snow conditions. As long as you can stay upright and in control you should be just fine. The emphasis is on learning about avalanches.

Q. Do you mix groups of skiers and snowboarders ?

A. We do mix skiers and boarders in groups. Our Guides will always pick routes according to the ability of the group. Boarders will sometimes have to take their boards off and walk a little.

Q. How many hours a day will we be training for ?

A. We usually meet at 0845 at the ski area, and we'll keep going until around 4.30 (partly depending on the weather and time of year). We will normally stop for a hot drink late morning, and take an hour for lunch.

Q. Will I need a lift ticket ?

A. Yes. If purchasing a lift ticket for the week it is best to buy an all areas pass (Mt Blanc Unlimited for the Chamonix Valley).

Q. Will I need to bring lunch ?

A. That's your choice. We will usually stop for lunch in one of the cafeterias on the mountain. These usually have a room for pic nics, and another room if you want to buy your food there. It's definitely worth bringing at least a chocolate bar and a small drink with you.

Q. Will there be any classroom time ?

A. We don't use formal classrooms at all. If the weather is particularly bad, we may take more breaks than usual and a longer lunch break. In that case we will spend more time discussing theory indoors.

Q. What if I have to cancel ?

A. If you have to cancel please contact us by e mail at the earliest opportunity. We may not be able to refund you depending on when we receive your e mail. If you choose to send someone else instead of you please let us know by e mail.

Q. Can I choose which Guide I have running my course ?

A. No, but we will always try and accommodate your preferences if possible. Please e mail us in advance if you have a preference.

Q. What if I'm running late on the day ?

A. On your booking confirmation there is a number for your instructor. Call the number and explain that you're late. The Guide will then try and arrange an alternative meeting point so as not to inconvenience the others on the course.

Q. For Private Training, will you go to other ski resorts ?

A. Yes. For Private Courses we will actually travel worldwide. Travel and subsistence costs will be agreed beforehand.

Q. Is the safety gear you provide any good ?

A. Yes, we only provide our clients with high quality digital transceivers, shovels and probes. And we let you use it for nothing !

Q. Do you do Gift Vouchers so I can give a course to someone as a present ?

A. Yes, we do. You can either buy a voucher "off the shelf" on our courses page, or e mail us if you want a voucher for an amount not shown.