Winter 2021-2022 update

Saturday, 11 December 2021

Well this season is off to a great start. We've had around 1m of snow in the valley in the past week and the lifts are opening on schedule. Avalanche risk has been very high, but there should be a period of consolidation over the next week.

Our avalanche safety talks are starting on Tuesday 14 December at the Bighorn Bar and Bistro. They're completely free but we do ask that you reserve your tickets on line. Just have a look on Facebook or Twitter for the details.

From next week we will also be tweeting a summary of the avalanche bulletin every day to keep you informed of the current situation.

Our courses are starting 18 Dec. Our first Avalanche Foundation course is fully booked but we also have Crevasse Rescue, Avalanche Progression and Intro Touring later in the season. Get in touch if you're interested in any of those.

Regarding Covid, this is a fluid situation ! We cannot predict what will happen in three months, or even next week. We just have to stay super flexible. The lifts are open but you need a mask and a Vaccination Certificate (Pass Sanitaire)to use them. Our courses are running at a ratio of 1:6, and we will spend some time indoors discussing theory. If rules/recommendations change then we will adapt our courses, possibly going back to all theory being on-line, and a slightly shorter course on the mountain. Stay tuned !

Courses are also back to being on either skis or snowboards (sorry snow-shoers !). If snow-shoers want to do some training then we can arrange private courses any time.

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