2021 Courses Modified due to Covid

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Due to the current situation, our courses have been modified for the 2021 season. The key differences are:

1. Class Size - Current Regulations do not permit groups of more than six, so our courses will be run at a maximum ration of 1:5.

2. Indoor Theory Sessions - These aren't possible this season. Hence we will have an evening class, on-line, the night before you attend any of our courses.

3. Access to the mountains - The lifts are closed this season. So we will use touring gear to get into the mountains. For the Foundation course you can use ski touring gear, split-boards, or snow shoes. For the Progression Course you will be undertaking a tour, so you will need either touring skis or a split board.

2021 is a challenging season so far. However, by adapting our practises, and with the help off technology, we think we can overcome these difficulties and continue to enjoy the mountains. Come and join us !

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