Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Avalanche Academy are pleased to announce our partnership with Zero G Sports in Chamonix.

We are constantly asked which avalanche safety products to buy. And the question that follows is always where to buy them. Having looked around all of the major shops in Chamonix we were generally disappointed with the range of gear on sale, until Zero G asked us for advice on which items to stock. Finally, a shop in Chamonix was going to be stocking high quality shovels, transceivers and probes in the same place.

In addition to giving them advice on which gear to stock we've added reviews to their on-line shop in case you're still unsure. Their prices are competitive too, and they have some special offers if you buy a shovel, transceiver and probe at the same time.

So, if you need a store in Chamonix where you can buy quality avalanche safety products, get yourself to Zero G Sports on Avenue Ravanel le Rouge. Alternatively, have a look at their on-line shop at ZeroGSports.

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