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Avalanche Academy is dedicated to making you safer when off-piste and in the back-country

The adventure of the off-piste is what we all dream of but avalanche is our worst nightmare. If you intend to venture away from the controlled pistes and into the mountain arena you owe to it yourself to be trained first. Avalanche Academy now offer safety training in Chamonix, with private courses also available in Verbier, Morzine, Saint Gervais, the Grand Massif, Courmayeur, La Thuile and other venues on request.

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Avalanche Forecast

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Daily Avalanche Forecast Summary and News:


Why book your avalanche training with us?

why us
  1. We are the first and only dedicated Avalanche Training School in Chamonix.
  2. Our “on snow” training theory is focussed on teaching you what you need to know most.
  3. We will provide you with all the safety equipment you need, at no extra cost. All of our transceivers are the newest technology, and our kit has been selected because it is the best on the market.
  4. ALL of our courses run. If you book - your course will not be cancelled due to lack of numbers.
  5. All of our Guides are hand-picked for their knowledge, teaching abilities, and inter-personal skills. If one of our small team isn't available we won't run a course with a Guide we don't know.
  6. Our avalanche safety courses are the most popular in the European Alps - we train over 250 people every winter.
  7. There are no hidden costs. We do not charge a booking fee, credit card fee, or for use of our safety equipment. The price you see is the price you pay.

Avalanche Academy News

How to interpret our Avalanche Bulletins

For the past 6 seasons we have been summarising the daily avalanche bulletin for Chamonix and then sharing it on Social Media (primarily Twitter). Due to mainly using Twitter we have limited characters for what can be a complex explanation of the risks, and hence we have to abbreviate at times. The good news is that Twitter now has increased characters, so we can make them a bit longer. However, we still want to be concise where we can, so we wanted to explain some of our common abbreviations to you.

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is to use a real example, so we will add a Tweet of the forecast for tomorrow (Thursday 13 Dec 2018) and then explain what it all means.

"ChxAv13Dec 3/5. Slab in recent blown snow. notably at alt >2200m. Also, note weak layer >2400m from old snow in Nov W/N/E asps. Sponts unlikely, small slides pos around rocks through heating. 1900-2000m cracks may form on sunny steeps"

Translation: Chamonix Avalanche Bulletin 13 December 3/5 (Level 3 out of a max of 5). Windslab is likely in recently windblown snow, especially at altitudes over 2200. There is also a weak layer above 2400m caused by the old snow that fell in November on West/North/Easterly aspects. Spontaneous avalanches are unlikely, but small slides may occur around rocky outcrops due to solar activity. Around 1900-2000m glide cracks may form on very steep slopes in the sun.

Other abbreviations that may be used include:

3/5-4/5. A changing level of danger, where the day will start at one level but change to another. In this case, increasing risk from 3/5 to 4/5.
^ This symbol also denotes increasing (risk or amounts of wind/snow)
< This symbol denotes "below" eg High Risk <2000m.
alt = altitude
Pack = Snowpack
Temps = Temperatures
pm = afternoon
Cat = Category eg Cat 5 (The highest level of avalanche risk)
Esp = Especially
N/S/E/W = Cardinal Points of the compass. NE/SE etc are also used to denote aspects.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO READ THE FULL REPORT VIA THE METEO FRANCE WEBSITE OR APP (METEOSKI). Our summaries are an aid. They are not a replacement for a detailed forecast. The bulletins are published daily, in French. If you don't yet follow us, the we are @AvalancheAcad on Twitter.

What's on this winter 2018-19 in Chamonix

This winter we will be running out Avalanche Foundation and Progression courses as per usual. The slight difference is that the early season Progression courses will be on touring kit so that we can always access good snow if conditions are a little lean.


Free Avalanche Awareness Lectures Chamonix 2018/19

Dedicated to keeping you safer in the off-piste, we will be running our Avalanche Awareness lectures in Chamonix again this winter. The fantastic Bighorn Bar and Bistro will be our venue again, as per last season.

The talks are a mixture of liv...


Free Avalanche Awareness Lectures in Chamonix

Once again, we will be offering our popular Avalanche Awareness Lectures in Chamonix this winter season (2016-2017) - and even better, they're going to be free again! Arc'teryx will again be supporting the lectures. The lectures aim to teach people the main...